Pixs A Name Information

What is Pixs A Name?
It is the most unique way to display your family name!
Each picture is of a letter that was found in everyday surrondings. A old farm wagon wheel just became an "o". Or a telephone pole just turned into a letter "t". Each letter was captured to create a beatuiful piece of art work. It is the best way to display your family name in your home. It is so fun to watch people stare and wonder what they are looking at...then all of a sudden it hits them and they see the word. I love it everytime. It is that perfect gift you are looking for.

You can create any word up to 11 letters. The more the letters you have in your name the smaller the letters will be. Each letters is chosen from the artist herself. All images are framed in a high-quality custom made frame. There are 4 colors to choose from when picking your frame. (Black, Red, Brown, & Ivory) These frame are 2 1/2 inches wide with a little distressed look. They are stunning way to show off your custom piece of art work. Images 3-6 letters are framed in a 10x20 frame. Images 7-11 letters are framed in a 10x30 frame.

3-6 letters - $65
7-11 letters -$75

Shipping & Handling is $20 for UPS Ground.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for you to recieve your order. Each order is created especially for you. Since all orders are custom made we will not accept any returns. We will only except a return if the item was damaged during shipping, which we will replace. The damaged item does need to go through UPS report for damaged items in order to get your replacement. We try our hardest to make sure each items is wrapped with care in order to recieve an undamaged item.

Those ordering locally who want to pick up there item here in Lehi, Utah need to make sure they click the add to cart button for pick up orders only. 

Only payment through pay pal will be accepted at this time. If you have any questions please email me at myphoto@achamberlainphoto.com , or fill out an inquiry under contact us. Thank you.

Black Frame


Red Frame


Brown Frame


Ivory Frame


Each Name Is Unique! Show it off!